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9.4 Towards absolute zero
9.4.1 Absolute zero
9.4.2 Heating and cooling 
First law of thermodynamics
DQ = DU + DW
Work done by an ideal gas expanding against constant pressure: W = p DV
Specific latent heat
Cooling by evaporation
Cooling by adiabatic expansion of a gas
The Joule Kelvin effect  more notes
Inversion temperature
Discussion of Andrew's experiment more notes, yet more notes
9.4.3 Liquefaction of gases
Graphs of p against V and p V against p
The Boyle temperature, critical temperature and critical pressure
Outline of the Joule Kelvin effect to liquefy a gas
Countercurrent heat exchanger
Significance of the Inversion temperature
9.4.4 Superfluids and superconductors
Discovery of liquid helium as a superfluid
Disappearance of the viscosity of liquid helium below the lambda point
Superfluid effects
Variation of resistivity with temperature for a superconductor
Metals, alloys and compounds as superconductors
Critical temperature and current density
High temperature superconductors and possible applications

Comprehension questions

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