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Site History:

Keep an eye on this page in will detail any additions I have made to the site every time I update pages.

12/03/02 finally included a link to: astronomy picture of the day
4/02/02 Added a muti-choice quiz to AS current electricity topic
4/02/02 Added some KS3 Schemes of Work to the KS3 area.  Many thanks to BJP. Did a radical redo of the KS3 area including some old worksheets on biological keys
29/01/02 download the A2 guideline for writing up coursework
OR download the same A2 coursework guideline but with paragraph spacing removed.  They are both WORD files.  It might be better to right click over the hyperlinks and choose "Save Target As"
21/01/02 added more A2 module4 questions from old PH02 Summer1997 to Spring1995
17/01/02 Added an interactive Electricity Basics page to AS - sorted out the answers since trying this out with the AS group
12/01/02 Added links in the A-level section  to a the Northallerton College web site that includes many more links to interactive demos and information
11/01/02 Scanned and uploaded A2 module 4 questions from the old PH02 module Summer2001 to Spring1998 - I'll scan the mark schemes sometime - email me if you want to encourage me
12/12/01 Slightly altered the GCSE revision qa sheets page so that the word documents now open in a separate window.
11/12/01 Made the link to the particle adventure easier to find (for Martin Hoyle)
Uploaded a particle and quantum physics interactive glossary in the A-level area.
Uploaded some past module questions and mark schemes for particle physics - in the A-level area - not sure if they uploaded ok - email me if u want me to sort them out
28/11/01 Improved a multiple choice quiz on Force and Motion in the GCSE Area so that it gives feedback on which questions are answered correctly
24/11/01 Uploaded answer sheet for summary questions on particle physics - in A-level area.
23/11/01  Added an interactive glossary to A2-module 4, Waves and Nuclear Energy in the A-level section.

This history first started.  Keep checking back here for interactive educational resources for A-level (AQA) Physics, GCSE (NEAB and OCR) Physics (Double Award Coordinated Science) and KS3 Science.