More Electromagnets

 More on the simple electric motor -

Complete this explanation of how the motor works:

When the current flows through the , the left side is pushed and the side .  When the coil is vertical, the forces can not it any further because there is no .  As the coil shoots past the vertical, the split ring commutator changes the direction of the .  Now the point the other way around and the coil is pushed around and around and around...

The Loudspeaker

Put these statements about how a loudspeaker works in the correct order:

Word Link Up - link up each description with the correct word

Swaps the current every half turn
Converts electrical energy into sound energy
Converts electrical energy into kinetic energy
Turns around on an axis
Move quickly forwards and backwards but not changing position
Positive and negative

The Relay

Number these sentences in the correct order:

Number these sentences in the correct order order:
 it turns the electromagnet on
The bulb lights.
The rocker pivots 
When the switch is closed,
which attracts the iron rocker.
in the output circuit.
and closes the contacts


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