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Series Circuits

Complete these sentences:  

A current will flow through an electrical component (or device) only if there is a or potential difference (p.d.), across its ends. The bigger the potential difference across a component, the the that flows through it.  Components resist a current flowing through them. The bigger their , the smaller the produced by a particular voltage.  

The p.d. across a component in a circuit is measured in (V) using a connected across the component.   

The current flowing through a component in a circuit is measured in (A) using an connected in with the component.

Resistors in series:

Match each combination of resistors with it's equivalent series resistor:



         8W                   2W




          5W                 6W



       2W       3W         4W



       8W      2W        2W


Look at this series circuit.  

If the ammeter on the right reads 3A - how would the ammeter on the left compare?  .  

This is because:

The Voltmeter labeled A reads 6V.


If the two resistors are equal what must voltmeter B read?    This is because:

In a series circuit:

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