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Mains Electricity

Fill in the missing gaps in the sentences. The missing words are listed below. There are the same number of words in the list as there are gaps in the sentences.

The UK mains supply is about 230 _______. Mains electricity can _____ if it is not used safely.     

Most electrical __________ are connected to the mains using a cable and a 3-pin plug.

To make them ______ to use the cable is made up of :

two or three inner cores of _________, because _________ is a good ____________

outer layers of flexible _________, because _________ is a good ___________.

and a plug has :

         a plastic or ________ case, because plastic and __________ are good ___________

         pins made from ________, because ________ is a good conductor

         a ______

         an _______ pin

         a cable ______.


The fuse in a plug should always be the same as the one recommended by the _______________of the appliance. Appliances with _______ cases are usually earthed.


When connecting an appliance to a 3-pin plug:            

         the blue wire is connected to the  ________ terminal;

         the _______ wire is connected via a fuse to the live terminal;

         the green/yellow wire (when fitted) is connected to the _______ terminal;

         the cable should be secured in the plug by the _______ grip;

         a _______ of the correct value (rating) should be in place.


Word list

safe     brass     brass     volts     appliances     grip     cable     rubber     rubber    plastic     plastic   fuse     fuse     copper     copper     kill     manufacturer     earth     earth     insulators     conductor     insulator     brown     metal     neutral