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Some GCSE questions - wiring of a mains plug

1.  The diagram below shows an electric mains plug.

(a) Name the parts of the plug labelled A and B.


B       [2]

(b) Name the colour of each of the wires X, Y and Z.



Z       [3]

(c) Name a suitable material for the case of the plug.



(d) Electric fires have three wires connected in the plug. One is the live wire to feed electric current in, another is the neutral (return) wire.

(i) What is the third wire called?


(ii) Why is it important that the third wire is also connected?  Choose the best response:



(e) The diagram below shows a badly wired mains plug.

Look at the plug carefully. What four changes should be made to make the plug safe?






2.  (a) The diagram below shows the three pins in a mains plug. The pins connect with the live, neutral and earth terminals in a socket.

On the diagram, label each pin



(b) The diagram below shows the inside of a mains plug.

(i) Complete the sentences below.

The part labelled Y is called the

This is used to hold the firmly in place.

The component labelled Z is the

(ii) The plug is used with an electric fire.

Which part of the electric fire is connected to the earth pin?                         [5]

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