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 1.     Pressure pads can be used to set off burglar alarms.  The alarm is set off when someone steps on the pad.  The alarm works by sounding a buzzer or switching on a lamp or both.

Here are five circuit diagrams.

         Look carefully at the five circuit diagrams.

         Tick the correct box to show what is happening in each circuit.

circuit diagram only the buzzer is on only the lamp is on both the buzzer and the lamp are on neither the buzzer nor the lamp is on

                                                                                                                                                         5 marks  



         In the circuit above, both the bulbs light up.  Suddenly they both go out.

         The two bulbs are tested.  Bulb A works but bulb B is broken.

(a)     Bulb A was not broken but it went out.  Why did it go out?

1 mark

         In the circuit below, only bulb B is broken.

(b)     (i)      Does bulb A light up?                                                           1 mark

(ii)     Does bulb C light up?                                                             1 mark

 3.        John connects up the circuit shown below.

         The bulb is not bright enough.  His friend suggests four circuits which could be used to make the bulb brighter.

(a)     Which is the correct circuit to use: A, B, C or D?                               1 mark

         Next John sets up circuit E and notes the reading on the ammeter.

         He then places another bulb in the circuit, to make circuit F.  He notes the ammeter reading in circuit F.

(b)     How will the ammeter reading in circuit F compare with that in circuit E?

         The reading in F is                                                               1 mark  

Explain your answer

          1 mark


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