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1.  The drawing shows an electric circuit.

(a)     How could the voltage of this circuit be increased?   [1]

(b)     Describe how you could add a voltmeter to the circuit in a position where it could be used to measure the potential difference across the filament lamp.    [1]


(c)     What would happen to the current in the circuit if another filament lamp was added in series?

         Explain your answer.



2.    The circuit diagram below shows a battery connected to a lamp and a switch.

(a) State what happens to the lamp when:

(i) the switch is open (OFF)  - lamp will be

(ii) the switch is closed (ON) - lamp will be         [2]

(b) When the switch is closed what problem is caused in the circuit?


(c) how should the switch be correctly connected?      [1]

3.  Some students want to find out how the current through component X changes with the voltage they use.

The diagram shows their circuit. The graph shows their results.


(a) Describe, as fully as you can, what happens to the current through component X as the students increase the voltage.


(b) The students want to find out whether component X allows the same current to flow through it in the opposite direction.

(i) How should they change the circuit to test this?                                          [1]


(ii) The graph shows the studentsí extra results.

What do the extra results tell you?

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